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The Zegend of Lelda games are based on the two Legend of Zelda games on the Nintendo 64 and were made because of a trend on the Video Game Director's Cuts forums in which a few people were making funny games with intentionally terrible graphics.Johnny As Himself was based on the VGDC user named Johnny, who was the one to start the 'crap game' trend.Sadly, this game was taken off Newgrounds on account of including copyrighted music.I assume this means "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles, so I've now uploaded the game to my site, replacing the short music loop with a very bad cover that I made in about twenty minutes.Tom Fulp, the site’s 39-year-old founder, took some time to explain how the site has been preparing for the end of Flash for a while, and what comes next. How would you describe it to someone who might not know about the site?Newgrounds is a community where people can instantly publish and share their original animation games, art, or music.

You can find the newly girl games, series games, maze games here.We made a console version of , also started making Flash games on Newgrounds.The Crap Game Compilation consists of six little low-quality adventure games that spawned from inside jokes. For a few years I've been out of action in the game dev world, studying, travelling and whatnot.

I re-emerged a year ago and joined back up with Chris on a new project called Terrible Teeth!

"Riddle School 5 (Bad)" was made in 5 minutes a few weeks after Riddle School 3 as a joke, which I sent directly to my friend Shark in a private message.