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28-Aug-2017 03:08

Gleeden, the platform proudly claims, is a premium dating site for married individuals, looking to elicit an affair.

Solène Paillet, head of communication says, “Gleeden is a pioneer in the culture shift and is altering the perception about concepts such as infidelity.

The C word While a platform designed solely for cheating sounds shocking and almost illegal (they faced some lawsites in their home country), Solène is very clear cut about the moral stance Gleeden takes, “If Gleeden didn’t exist, these people would have signed up to another website for single people and would have lied about their marital status in order to find encounters.

With Gleeden, people don’t have to lie about their marital status or about what they are looking for, it is all clear from the beginning.” Their Canadian counterpart, Ashley Madison, famously had all their data stolen in 2015 and released to the public in a delicious scandal, Solène asserts that at Gleeden data privacy is a prime concern.

In around half of cases, cheating partners are found out through indiscreet mobile phone text messages, emails betray one in five and a further one in 10 are given away by anonymous letters, according to the survey by the Italian Association for Family Lawyers.

Such widespread adultery is perhaps not surprising in a country whose prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, faces a costly divorce after his wife of 20 years, Veronica Lario, last year accused him of dalliances with showgirls and actresses.

More than 70,000 adults completed the online reader survey in February, answering about 30 questions that revealed their intimate feelings about adultery and what makes them stray or stay faithful.

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That includes “customers’ secret sexual fantasies and matching credit card transactions,” according to the BBC.Federico Fellini, the film director, was a notorious philanderer who used to refer to the "insatiable dragon" in his trousers and counted among his conquests Germaine Greer, according to a recent revelation by the Australian writer.